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Future Owasso Rams

The Future Owasso Ram football program’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for all children ages 6 to 14 (1st-7th Grade) to participate in a competitive tackle football program, to inspire youth to practice ideals of health, citizenship, and character while instilling in its participants, camaraderie through means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, dedication, and fellowship. Through its coaching staff, participating football players become acquainted with the fundamentals of the game of football. Fundamentals include, but are not limited to, stance, blocking, tackling, running, passing, kicking, catching, conditioning, and rules. Through the game of football, coaches are responsible for teaching sportsmanship, love of the game and the ability to endure and enjoy physical effort while reinforcing the primary importance of school work in the participant’s lives and also to establish an understanding of the commitment necessary by the parents and the participant in order to enhance success, both on and off the field.

How to Sign Up

Athletes of grades 1st-7th grade are eligible to play in the INFC tackle league. Signups will open online May 1st. The last day to register is July 15th. Costs:
Early Bird registration: May 1st - $150 per athlete
Registration on/after June 1st - $200 per athlete
Registration on/after July 1st - $250 per athlete
All teams will be ordering new uniforms this season. Uniforms will be $120 per athlete.
1. Registration Category- PLAYER
2. League- INFC (Indian Nation Football Conference)
3. Club- Future Owasso Rams Youth Tackle Football

How to Connect
Follow our Facebook page for announcements regarding our season. Message us on Facebook with your questions.

Steven Eaton-Director

Brandon Savoy-Commissioner

Laura McElhany-Commissioner

Derrick Rupp-Commissioner

Eric Nantois-Commissioner

Mike Swindell-Commissioner
Cody Banks-Commissioner

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